You maker, you shaper, you mover of things

I hear all your voices

whispering to trees, telling lies to the hills

 hollering down valleys and screeching your name

you tickle the funny bone of my barn

and rattle this house

poking and punching like a 9-year old boy

you’re constant, forever, but nowhere to be seen

hands-free sculptor of fame

go on, go on screeching your name

                                         – Kristi

The World in Black and White


Middle River, Cape Breton – March 19, 2015.

I was posting this photograph because I liked how much it looked like I had taken it in black and white mode when in fact it was really how the world looked around here yesterday morning. It was the calm before, yet another snow storm.

It wasn’t until I had typed the words of the title for this post that I saw a whole other story being told in this photograph.

What story do you see?