Outside Projects

Earth Oven

One of my long planned outside projects is to build an earth oven.  Below is a great example of this type of oven from the website www.karuna.org.uk.

Lots of snow to melt yet at our place so I’m still at the daydreaming and planning stages. First step is to figure out where I can get clay soil. I know there’s some around the area because the fill we got a couple summer’s back for landscaping had lots of clay in it. We might even have some on our property but I probably won’t be able to dig around to find it for a few weeks. We’ve got loads of rock so won’t have any trouble with materials for the foundation. Straw and sand are easy to come by too.

If anyone knows of where I can dig up clay soil in the Almonte area let me know!

Keep checking back over the next few months to watch our building progress…and get recipes from the pizza party that will follow!

Love the earthy and organic feel of these earth oven structures.

Love the earthy and organic feel of these earth oven structures.

4 thoughts on “Outside Projects

  1. Too cool! My husband took a course a couple of years ago on how to build such an oven. He prepared the pad last summer – once the snow melts here he will get started. Can’t wait to see your progress.


    • I’d love to see the progress on your oven as well. I think we’ve got at least another week or so before the snow will be gone here but looking forward to getting started. In the interim my oven making reading includes, The Bread Ovens of Quebec by Lise Boily and Jean-Francois Blanchette, and Build Your Own Earth Oven by Kiko Dnezer.


    • The summer is hurtling by and I’ve not yet started on the oven but I’m still hopeful that we’ll get at it in the next few weeks…I’ll definitely post on it when we get to it.


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