Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Serene street life in Orvieto, Italy.DSC_0336


Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I’m sneaking in under the wire with my entry for last week’s “Selfie” prompt before the next Weekly Photo Challenge comes out tomorrow

Tonight I had the fantastic opportunity to see Elton John live in concert and through a stroke of very good fortune my friend and I had seats in the eight row. I pretty much felt like I was in Elton John’s living room the whole time.

The show was incredible. But mid-way through after every song, about two rows up from me, two young women started taking “selfies” with Elton John in the background. I found this rather amusing and couldn’t resist taking a shot  to post for last Friday’s photo challenge. The camera on my phone is pretty crummy camera so you really can’t see Elton John at all (although you can kinda see his piano)  as he’s lost in the blue and the glare of the lights but I’m sure those girls are just glad to know he was there.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I am an openly confessed “anticipation” junkie. Yes, I almost prefer to leave the gift wrapped.

I think it’s part of why I love to travel so much. All the planning and even the waiting and delays in getting places are part of the thrill – the building anticipation.

Happily, despite my anticipation fixation, I am very rarely disappointed in things. Probably because as much as I love the anticipation, I savor the unexpected too.

My trip to Italy this Fall offered held some fantastic unexpected moments.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Every morning I put on my ‘chicken feeding rubber boots’ to go out to the coop. When I come back to the house, out of habit and convenience, I leave them right outside the front door. Drive’s my better-half crazy. He’ll be happy to know that, soon enough, what his irkedness hasn’t been able to change, the soon to arrive snowdrifts will.

This photo also reflects my periodic habit borrowing of his clothes. (Note  the lovely plaid flannel jacket that has seen better days.) I have tried to curtail this habit over our 22 years together but sometimes there is nothing as comfortable as something that’s his. It’s weird. Like his ability to make whatever he’s eating look unbelievably delicious. Usually its a sandwich, and he’s offered to make me one, and I say no thanks, and then I watch with my mouth watering. You’d think I’d have figured out by now to say “yes” to the sandwich.  Go figure. There’s a habit to break.

When I took this picture a week or so ago I never thought I’d have a use for it other than my own amusement. How delightful that today’s photo challenge gave me an excuse to share it. Who knew the revelations it would bring.

My chicken feeding rubber boots

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

A person can grow only as much as his horizon allows.

– John Powell

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Confetti sweets saturated with colour and flavour in sun-saturated Sulmona, Italy.

(Check back soon if you’re interested in learning about the fantastic fibre art course I’m taking from Anna Hergert in beautiful Italy – or see Anna’s blog.)

DSC_0133 DSC_0132 DSC_0130