AQC 2017 Day 3 – Play Day

My morning walk thought…wouldn’t “Wheatstalk” be the best name every for a huge country music festival…just sayin. I’m sure someone out there has already thought of this but it it cracked me up when it crossed my mind and I had to share. 🙂


Maybe it’s the soft hues of the wheat influencing me but yesterday I played with a much more subdued color palette than usual. Below are  images of the collage that’s emerging.


Art Quilt Campus 2017- Day 1 Highlights

My first day at Art Quilt Campus (AQC) 2017 was as bright as the morning sun promised it would be. I’m attending a week early this year so have had the pleasure of meeting a new group of artists and seeing their work. Amazing sums it up. The people are wonderful and their work is innovative, exciting and inspiring.

This being my fourth year attending AQC, it all feels so comfortable and everything runs like a well oiled machine thanks to Anna’s close attention to the details of hosting and leading the week long fest of creativity. The personal touches make all the difference.

Sunrise - D1 - AQC2017

I am in the midst of beginning several new pieces, most of which are still in the design phase. It’s hard to choose which one to work on first so I ‘ll work on several at the same time so I can switch back and forth between pieces when I get stuck or just need a change of scenery.

Here’s a glimpse of a fabric audition for a pieces that will employ my hand dyed fabrics. I’m still deciding on the final cast of characters.

Fabric audition - D1 - AQC2017

After all our hard work yesterday we reconvened after dinner for the chance to show a piece we’ve each created over the past year and to share techniques, challenges and solutions, and other insights into creating with fabric and fibre. It was wonderful to fall asleep last night with those beautiful images dancing in my head.

If you want to know more about Day One at AQC check out Anna Hergert’s blog post Old Home Time: Art Quilt Campus 2017 off to a great start!.

Art Quilt Campus 2017

It’s almost time…I’ve been like a kid at Christmas, awake since 2:55 am, anticipating and thinking, up and back to bed a few times. Finally gave in and got up for good but trying to be quiet and not wake my neighbours.

Today is the official start of my week at Art Quilt Campus 2017 with artist and teacher Anna Hergert. This is my fifth year of participating with Anna in a week long discovery of art quilting involving fibre, surface design, stitching, idea sharing and friendship.

I’m joining a new group of artist this year so I’m excited to see their work, their processes and get to know their lively personalities. The 15 of us gathered last night for a shared dinner and words of welcome from Anna along with the unveiling of some stunning work. Most of these artists attended AQC together last year and embarked on producing three challenge pieces over the course of the past year. It was an inspirational start to the week as I gazed over the 36 pieces that had been developed under the themes of “Within and Without”, “Water”, and “Girlfriend”.

I’m about to gear up for the day with a walk out in Saskatchewan country side but I’ll leave off with a few pictures from my drive here yesterday.