Introducing Guest Blogger: Kristi Farrier

Every now and then we meet people who change our lives. For me, Anna Hergert is one of those people. I knew her textile art before I knew her. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the chance to learn from her and have her as a friend and mentor.

It was a real pleasure to write the following guest blog post that she’s featured on her blog Anna Hergert, Art & Design. Anna also has a travel and photography blog which can be accessed at

Anna Hergert, Art & Design

I am constantly reminded about how many wonderful people I have met along the way over the many years of facilitating workshops and sharing knowledge. Kristi Farrier is a friend I met ten years ago. She participated in a one-day workshop during a retreat in Alberta just prior to us moving to Saskatchewan.

We connected, stayed in touch via email for a little while and then we both got busy with life and work until 2013. In January Kristi sent an email sharing that she was registered for my workshop in Italy. Exciting news… and a new beginning! We have stayed in touch ever since and Kristi has been a loyal participant and supporter of my annual event, Art Quilt Campus.

Kristi kindly agreed to share a little about herself and her creative process. Enjoy her story!

A Creative Life: By Happenstance or Design? KFarrier -Cape Breton - Feb 2017By Kristi Farrier

I’ve dreamed of…

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