My First Artist Interview

I’ve been away. Away from my blog for ages but as I write, I am thinking about all the things that have happened since my last post almost six months to the day today. So many wonderful things and changes over these months of transition.

One of those things was meeting an incredible group of textile artists who make up, along with others, the Studio Art Quilt Associates – Atlantic Region (SAQA-Atlantic). These artists are amazingly talented and dynamic so I was very honored, excited, and a tad nervous to be honest, when I was asked to be featured in an artist interview for the SAQA-Atlantic blog.

It turned out to be a great and interesting experience which forced me to articulate whys and hows about the textile art I create – not something I’d spent a lot of timing thinking about before. The interview turned out wonderfully thanks to Susan Lilley who expertly edited the piece. I hope you enjoy reading Introducing…Kristi Farrier and continue to watch my blog for more on my textile art now that I’m back.


6 thoughts on “My First Artist Interview

  1. Congratulations Kristi – I will miss you at the fall retreat as I’m in week two. Will be watching for your beautiful face and amazing work!. You are so talented and I enjoyed meeting you very much. Best wishes for your continued success.


  2. We’re so glad you are part of our group. The interview was wonderful, I really like the direction your work is taking right now.


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