Of Moths and Moose

Another spectacular day in the beautiful foothills of Alberta. Sun shining and a soft steady breeze…beautiful beyond words. And days that go on forever with light in the sky past 11:00 pm!

The highlight of the day turned out to be a brief trip to town in mid-afternoon which initially held little anticipation or expectation on my behalf. As I left the house, to my delight, buzzing around a pot of pansies at the bottom step was a Hummingbird Moth! I quickly retrieved my camera from inside and snapped as many frames as I could in the minute or so before we had to go…we were already running a little late. Happily the few shots below turned out quite nicely.DSC_0970 (2) DSC_0972 (2) DSC_0980 (2)

I “threw” my camera in back as we jumped in the car hoping to make the appointment in town on time. But, as soon as we turned on to the highway it was time to stop again. In the ditch was a cow moose with her young calf. By the time I grabbed my camera and got the lens cap off Mom and Baby were already crossing the two lane highway. Thankfully, all vehicles had slowed or stopped to let the duo pass. It was a wonderful sight to see that little one – all legs and knees.

DSC_0998 (2)

DSC_0011 (2)On a side note:  I have to share that Wikipedia says  a young moose  is a “mooselet”. I grew up in moose country and no one I know uses the word “mooselet”. Calf – a young moose is a calf. And a female moose is a cow. There I feel better now.