Picture Stories

Last night I listened to a radio interview of Jodi Cobb, a renowned photographer who was the first female photographer on staff at National Geographic.

I was intrigued at her description of becoming invisible in the environment to get the amazing shots she does. She also talked about how she strives to tell a story with her photographs. Before I go on, rest assured I am not comparing my photography skills to hers in any way, shape or form but she did get me thinking about whether any of the images I have captured could tell a story.

The ones that came to mind immediately are those  below that  I took at a new skateboard and bike park in Shanghai, China. They hint at a story and leave me wanting to know so much more.



2 thoughts on “Picture Stories

  1. I heard the same interview and will use her words of wisdom “wait long enough for them to stop posing, then take the photo”. Love your pics Kris.


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