The Gift of Silence

DSC_0094It’s Mother’s Day and I am up at 5:50 am. Something is dramatically wrong with this situation I’m thinking to myself. I can’t possibly be the only one in the house who can hear our 14-year-old husky dog barking to get out. I don’t hold it against the dog. She’s wonderful and old and is still able to consistently, and I will add insistently, let us know she’s got to go. So I think further that getting up and heeding her call is better than the alternative. Once begrudgingly up, I go through the ritual of letting out and then feeding the dogs, building a fire, letting out the chickens and making myself a tea.

Now sitting here quietly with the hubbub subdued and a bright sunny day forming outside, I realize this early morning rising is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.


One thought on “The Gift of Silence

  1. I’m an early riser. I get this gift daily and it is always my favourite time. Today is brilliant and warm…the cherry on top! Happy Mothers Day!


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