Picture Stories

Last night I listened to a radio interview of Jodi Cobb, a renowned photographer who was the first female photographer on staff at National Geographic.

I was intrigued at her description of becoming invisible in the environment to get the amazing shots she does. She also talked about how she strives to tell a story with her photographs. Before I go on, rest assured I am not comparing my photography skills to hers in any way, shape or form but she did get me thinking about whether any of the images I have captured could tell a story.

The ones that came to mind immediately are those  below that  I took at a new skateboard and bike park in Shanghai, China. They hint at a story and leave me wanting to know so much more.



The Gift of Silence

DSC_0094It’s Mother’s Day and I am up at 5:50 am. Something is dramatically wrong with this situation I’m thinking to myself. I can’t possibly be the only one in the house who can hear our 14-year-old husky dog barking to get out. I don’t hold it against the dog. She’s wonderful and old and is still able to consistently, and I will add insistently, let us know she’s got to go. So I think further that getting up and heeding her call is better than the alternative. Once begrudgingly up, I go through the ritual of letting out and then feeding the dogs, building a fire, letting out the chickens and making myself a tea.

Now sitting here quietly with the hubbub subdued and a bright sunny day forming outside, I realize this early morning rising is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

March Creative Daily Acts

Although they’re late getting posted, here are my  March efforts for the Creative Daily Act Challenge led by Anna Hergert. The theme for March was “All That Jazz”.

I started out with pencil and paper as I’d primarily been doing through January and February but decided to jump over to the quick  and easy medium of fabric with fusible webbing. It was a great way to use up left over bits from previous projects. Check out April CDAs too to see what I did with the “Green” theme.

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April Creative Daily Acts

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I’ve continued Anna Hergert’s Creative Daily Acts (CDA) Challenge over the past two months. I was a far less than organized at the beginning of April and didn’t get around to posting my March CDAs but here are my recent April CDAs. I’m learning free-motion stitching with my sewing machine and so decided to take April as a play and practice month with the theme of “Green”. No works of art but lots of fun!

I’ve also finally posted my March “All That Jazz” CDAs if you want to check them out too.