Treasure In My Eyes

One man’s trash…IMAG1718


Lost and Found

Yesterday morning I was taking a long slow walk on the beach and savoring the last bit of vacation time before heading to the airport. It had been a relaxing and restful week spent mostly floating  in the waves or snorkeling and searching for seashells. My thoughts were on how lucky I was to get to visit such a beautiful place, how fun my kids are and how great it is to be married to someone who rarely sees obstacles to anything. You know…one of those true “life is good” moments. And then it got better – in a small – but totally miraculous way.

I was halfway back on the beach I had just strolled along. I looked down to scan the sand for a shell or bit of jetsam that might tickle my fancy and there at my feet were my swimming goggles. The same swimming goggles I had lost off my head at the far end of the beach three days earlier!


To be honest when I’d set out on my walk I had the faintest glimmering of a thought on how finding my lost goggles would completely top my trip. And there they were…my desire answered.

I can’t explain it. I mean really, what is the likelihood, the chance, of me and that particular wave carrying my goggles being at that spot on the beach at the same time? Whether coincidence or something more I don’t know but I do know it put the biggest smile on my face. I’m still grinning at the serendipity of the moment. Here’s to wishing you all many “life is good” moments too.