Turkey Trot and Heron Rookery

Early January is painfully bleak and grey at times so last week when the sun came out, my better-half and I donned our snowshoes for a trek through the bush and out on the pond. The frozen pond gave us the chance to get close to the nests in the heron rookery and we found some fanciful patterns left in the snow by foraging wild turkeys.

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Speaking of Wrong and Right

Speaking of Wrong and Right

Voice pushing to be free

Speak out out out speak speak out


Tongue cut out and gagged on blood

Spit out out out spit spit out

Stomach burnt and twisted

Mind follows suit

Beaten and punched down

Heart still beats, still pounds

Brain still dreams and knows

The difference between wrong and right

Restitch the tongue


Heart beats beats beats heart heart beats

Orvieto Face

Happy New Year – Time for the 2014 Creative Challenge!

Check out this great creativity challenge…I’m on board.

Anna Hergert, Art & Design

Remember some of these images? They were my personal challenge for 2012 – I created an “Artlet a day” for 366 days. You can read about my personal journey and final reflections here.

In 2013 I decided to take a little break, and carve out time and opportunities to “fill the well.” Soon I recognized one fact: To stay focused I needed a daily creative outlet. My friend Elinor and I put our heads together on Boxing Day and came up with a great idea. At first we just wanted to issue the challenge between us. We quickly realized that opening up this challenge to readers of our blogs would present an opportunity to develop community and inspire creativity.

Please join us in the Creative Daily Act Challenge (CDA) for 2014!

Here are the details for anyone interested in participating:

Create one 2 1/2″ x 3…

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50 Birthday Wishes

I’m often amazed at the creativity and thoughtfulness of my friends. Late last Fall my friend D. shared a birthday surprise she was planning for her friend A. who is celebrating 50 years today. My friend D. arranged for 50 of her own friends and family to send a birthday card to A. from various locations near and far.

Although I don’t know A., I happily and eagerly agreed to be among the co-conspirators and decided I would make a textile birthday card. I had a vague notion of what I wanted to create but to my dismay, as the date by which I needed to send the card neared, my idea hadn’t morphed into anything concrete. I was about to just try to run with my initial unformed idea when the appropriateness of “tree of life” imagery struck me. As soon as it hit I did a quick sketch of what I was hoping to recreate with fabric and thread.


Fifty circles of various size supported and surrounding that tree representing 50 years…some of great significance and others less so. The piece came together quickly with remnants from another project and a  blue cotton dyed this summer.

Then it sat, waiting. I pondered how to quilt it. Generally, I prefer hand-stitching because of the control of where to place stitches but with time ticking on, I decided on a quicker approach of highly random free-motion machine stitching. It also seemed a better choice to reflect the often random and unexpected events that add depth, detail and color to our lives.

I finished the card in a flurry and sent it off in the rush and hubbub of pre-Christmas preparations and hadn’t thought much of it again until today… the big “5” “0” for A. 

So, to A. …Happy Birthday and here’s to many more years of growth and color. 

And to D. …may everyone have a friend like you along the way.

My Mother-In-Law’s Birthday Suit

…well birthday apron actually.

My first productive act of 2014 was to sew a reversible halter apron for my mother-in-law’s birthday gift. To help forget the freezing temperature outside and the cold winter months still ahead I used a summery print with bright contrasts of pink and yellow. I was happy with the result as was she. A good start to the year and an easy and functional gift.

You didn’t really want to see my Mother-in-Law’s birthday suit did you?

DSC_0139 DSC_0144