Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern (2) – In Green Bronze

A love of pattern has led me to three posts in response to this week’s photo challenge of “pattern”. The photos here are of Bill Reid‘s sculpture Spirit of Haida Gwaii – The Jade Canoe installed in the Vancouver International Airport.  (The other two challenge posts are:  Pattern (1) – On the Back of the Turtle and Pattern (3) – In Grey.)

While waiting for a connecting flight to Ottawa after a lengthy trip from Shanghai I had the pleasure of discovering The Jade Canoe. The sculpture is a twin of Spirit of Haida Gwaii – The Black Canoe which Reid was originally commissioned to produce for the courtyard of the Canadian Embassy in Washington.

I’d previously seen the white plaster version of the sculpture in the Canadian Museum of History (previously named the Canadian Museum of Civilization) but didn’t know the green bronze version existed until encountering it in the airport. And while I’d also seen the image on the back of the Canadian $20 bill I always assumed it was of the version in the museum.


I was as enamored with the sculpture as the small boy in the photo appears to be and couldn’t resist further investigating the shimmering jade bronze patterns with my camera.

DSC06477 DSC06478 DSC06480 DSC06482


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