Morning Run

This morning I got out for my first early morning run in a long time. I mean early; 4:45 am early. I don’t know about you but that definitely constitutes early for me. I must have been eagerly anticipating the run too because I first awoke at 3:46 am and then every ten minutes thereafter until I finally got up at 4:27 am. I guess I didn’t want to be late either.

I was excited because it’s been a significant amount of time, a few years to be sure, since I last did these runs on a regular basis with my incredibly patient, inspiring and always-there running partner and long-time friend.

Different life circumstances and directions have dictated unmatched schedules until recently when the stars realigned. So I was up and at it and out the door before the break of dawn. (I did bring my headlamp “just in case”. Though never  a Girl Scout, somewhere along the line the Always Be Prepared mantra was ingrained in my psyche.)

I have to admit that no small part of my excitement was to get back into my new running shoes that, frankly, are a bit (okay, maybe a lot) like superhero shoes. I am not suggesting I am a anything close to a superhero, but at moments it’s damn hard not to feel like one with these shoes. Bright blue with orange and pink accents and they actually feel great on my feet. They are truly awesome. Kudos to New Balance.

On the superhero thing, I’ll save for another post my thoughts on what my costume would look like if I were actually a superhero. Though the new shoes may involve a rethink. And yes, I have actually thought about this a time or two. Primarily because I like to sew costumes but also because you never know when and how you might acquire a superhero-like power and well…Always Be Prepared. But back to my exceptionally regular human running anecdote.

running shoes

Our running route was not new or particularly long but the easy-paced (you recall me saying it’s been awhile) outing was perfect. The temperature was just right; a little cool at the start until you’re moving. Then the birds announced the imminent arrival of the sun on the horizon and a pink-orange sky welcomed us to the day.

Our conversation was the easy comfortable kind of exchange between friends. We spoke of kids and parents and general goings on; my running partner knowing intuitively when to carry the conversation because I needed to breathe more than talk.

These runs are a tradition we established several years back and one I am so grateful has been renewed. I do believe there is no better way to start a day. And to my running partner, as always, thanks for getting me out there.


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