Spring Thyme

“Daisies smell-less, yet most quaint,

And sweet thyme true,

Primrose first born child of Ver,

Merry Spring-time’s harbinger

– Francis Beaumont

By all official counts Spring has arrived. Apparently it’s been here for over two weeks although it wasn’t until last Sunday that I began to be slightly convinced. After seeing the first robin of the season I let my guard down against the remaining snow and icy patches hiding in the shade on the north side of the house.

Today clinched it though.

The snow that had covered my raised herb garden beds just last weekend is long gone so  I was able to get at them and clean up what I’d left undone last Fall. With gloves on and rake in hand I eagerly pulled out withered annuals and plucked out gravel the snowplow had spit into the garden over the winter.

That’s when I discovered my Spring Thyme. With a bit of scuffing up and loosening of soil the two little plants I had put in last summer perked up nicely. Their fresh and pungent aroma a delight. (I can still smell it now.)

Thyme kept us company in plenty of soups and other savory dishes on many winter evenings but making its re-acquaintance in the garden today under the bright mid-afternoon sun proved Spring is really here.

Spring Thyme 2


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