Cats or Dogs?

My household, whether as a child or adult, has always included an extended family of four-legged creatures. Canine and feline varieties have dominated but there’s been the odd reptile too. These days it’s a three dog, two cat and one gecko menagerie.

I do like dogs. They’re  dedicated, loyal, consistent. But I love cats. I don’t mean crazy cat love but if I had to choose, well, there wouldn’t be much of a debate.

Cats just have a way about them. Whether they’re friendly or skittish it’s on their terms. Call them the control freaks of the animal kingdom. Not only that, they lounge so well. Need a lesson in relaxation? Watch a cat lay in a patch of afternoon sunshine on the floor.

That’s relaxation.


Fossil, our 12-year old tabby, is a master relaxer and finds lazing locales in an instant. Laps are the most frequent destination but guaranteed if you are loafing around she will join you. A preferred spot being nose-to-nose perched on upper chest.



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